Welcome to the Eurotrol EQAS site.

This site is open to all organisations performing diagnostic measurements. Joining the programme gives you the opportunity to assess the accuracy and precision of your diagnostic instruments.

Eurotrol currently sends samples on a fixed date for glucose and total haemoglobin. Every month with a different concentration, covering the physiological clinical range.

Results are reported on-line before a fixed deadline. After the deadline you can anonymously share your results with all other participants or participants within your hospital, GP network or region using the same and/or different instruments. When composing your report choose whether you prefer a standard Bar Graph, Levey-Jennings chart, a Bland Altman graph or a Youden Plot.

See "EQAS How Does it Work" for more detailed information. If you wish to join and participate in one of our programs, please contact Eurotrol at office@eurotrol.com to obtain a username, password and samples.

Enter your username and password to enter your results or to review your report.

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